About Eat Your Veg!


Hi folks and welcome to Eat Your Veg,


I’m Louisa, an ardent foodie, kids cook teacher and street food stall owner. And of course a Mummy to The Monsters. Francesca’s six going on sixteen and with all the attitude, loves horses, purple and boys. Master Jacques is newly five and my resident sous chef, loves food, tractors, bugs and irritating his big sis. Come join us on our foodie adventures to forage, grow, make, bake and eat more of life’s good stuff. 


Eat Your Veg was born out of my devotion to feed my monsters the healthy food they deserve, and to show other parents that good food can be made quickly, easily and cheaply. And obviously with lots of veggies involved!. Name me a parent who doesn’t say “eat your veg” on an over-zealous basis, I know I certainly do. My site is packed full of better-for-you family-friendly recipes with a heavy use of veggies, fruits and wholegrains, better fats and less refined sugars. You’ll find healthier snacks, cakes, savoury bakes and puddings, mid-week post school and work quickie dinners or slower dishes to take more time over. Plus breakfasts, packed lunch ideas and lots of easy recipes to make with your kids. I also develope baby and toddler recipes plus dishes to suit more grown up tastes. As a massive advocate of eating seasonably you can also peruse my recipes by season.


As a happy consequence of my recipe site (plus a good deal of self determination to finally find a career to be passionate about!) I now work in primary schools and run after-school classes in Herefordshire teaching our future generation how to cook from scratch. I also have a regular Friday stall in Hereford outdoor market purveying hearty and wholesome street food, ‘Fressh @ Eat Your Veg’.  Call it a more grown up version of Eat Your Veg if you like!


Thanks for dropping by and do stay with us for the journey,


September 2015

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