April’s Family Foodies Round-Up & Winner Announcement!

May 5, 2014


So sorry this is a bit on the late side folks, but I got a little swept away in the Bank Holiday festivities. April was all about Healthy Snacks on Family Foodies, healthy goodies to counteract all that Easter choccie. My kids do eat chocolate, but it’s a treat rather than an every day occurance. But the amount given and in the shops around Easter is bordering on distasteful these days, with some kids getting into the double figures of eggs. Ironically my kids didn’t actually get any from me this year, mean Mummy. I’d intended to buy them one but as ever left it to the last minute when the shops had literally sold out around here!. But they didn’t mention it, phew. My Mum and Dad used to ask me if I’d prefer a chocolate egg or a present for Easter and I always chose the latter. I think I’m going to do this for my two going forward, though knowing them they’ll choose the choc option!.

It’s been really interesting to read all your Healthy Snack entries, intriguing to see the definition range from Indian Patties and Burgers, to Granola Bars and Cakes, Pate, Dips, Sweet and Savoury Biscuits, Pancakes and Muffins plus a whole lot more. Please do read through the tasty offerings and don’t forget there’s a prize for the winning entry, kindly donated by Grace from Eats Amazing who’s also handling the judging for me.

Kitchen Odyssey Collage

First up there were three recipes from My Kitchen Odyssey, the first of which her super-healthy and nutritious no-bake Granola Bars packed full of nuts and dried fruits. Sathya then linked a recipe for Sweet Potato Patties, deliciously packed full of spice and chilli. The final of the trio her  flavoursome spicy Black Bean Patties, black beans are certainly all the rage these days aren’t they.


Nutritious Deliciousness tempted us with her Healthy Date, Walnut & Seed Trufflesraw sugar-free balls of chocolately goodness. I’m so going to be making these soon with my monsters.

Real Home Cooked Food

Real Home Cooked Food also linked up three entries, the first of which was Linsy’s Cardamom Flavor Eggless Banana Marble Bread made with wholewheat flour and cashews for added healthy credential. Next up was a cumin and lime flavoured Black Bean Hummus and finally some super-healthy and delicious looking Tofu Lettuce Wraps.


Sarah from The Garden Deli baked some delicious and seasonal Spiced Rhubarb Slices, intriguingly flavoured with a teaspoon of Lebanese 7 spice, a blend I haven’t actually come across before.

Indo Global Food

Indo Global Food linked two recipes, the first of which were her Vegetarian SoyBean Burgers, brimming with so much tasty goodness and then a 10 Minute Microwave Khamani (Gram Flour Appetiser), an intriguing snack I’ve not come across before.


Working Mum’s Cookbook tempted us with some No Bake Oat and Seed Bars, chocca full of almonds, apricots, oats, berries and seeds and interestingly ‘glued’ together with whizzed up apricots, apple juice and honey.


Casa Costello gave us her 3-ingredient Easy Peasy Mackerel Pate made with low fat natural yoghurt rather than the usual calorie laden cream cheese. Something I and my little lot would no doubt love to dig in to.

oat pea

Spicy, Quirky & Serendipidous linked up an intriguing savory oatmeal dish of Quick Oats with Peas and Egg, a recipe made to tempt her oatmeal disliking son to eat more of the good stuff.

Eat Your Veg Collage

Next up it was my turn to offer a trio of healthy treats. Firstly my healthier low-sugar and half-wholemeal Easter Biscuits, which really shouldn’t be just for Easter! A great make for little hands to do themselves and cut into any shape they fancy. A couple of dips followed, a homemade and made in mins Hummus and a child-friendly GuacamoleBoth with healthy credentials in their own right but even better scooped up with a selection of raw dips sticks. Often the only way I get my kids to eat large quantities of anything raw.

Blog 1

The Gluten Free Alchemist baked some utterly delicious sounding Two Cheese, Chorizo & Walnut Biscuits in an effort to make a transportable savoury biscuit for her daughter, rather than resorting to more easily available gluten-free sweet biscuits or crisps. These sound incredibly tempting with such a heady mix of flavourings going on in there!.

easter chick crackers-2

Green Gourmet Giraffe linked her cute as pie Easter Chick Biscuits, though I fear they’d probably be too good to munch on!. Lovely idea for a savoury easter novelty rather than all that chocolate.


Spices Galore used up an excess of bananas in these rather scrumptious looking, not to mention healthy, Chocolate Banana Muffins. Yes please!

Eneergy Bar

The lovely Choclette from the Chocolate Log Blog, who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time last week at a Foodies 100 event, linked up the tastiest Energy Bar recipe I think I’ve come across! Peeps I give you Smoked Chilli Energy Bars, phwoah!


My fellow co-host, Vanesther of Bangers and Mash, went for the healthy dip and stick option too with her hummus and aubergine dip recipes. And would you believe she adds an extra clove of garlic to me, bet there’s no nasties in her house!


Family Friends Food experimented with flour-less 4-Ingredient Pancakes. Simply nutritious ground almonds, banana, eggs and baking powder!.  These really have to be tried.


Last but most certainly not least a tempting Bruchetta with St. Ninians Soft Cheese & Smoked Sea Salt from Elizabeth’s Kitchen made with her wares from a cheese-making day at Shetland Cheese. Jealous, no not at all! Ok, maybe just a little bit…

Well that’s it for the round-up folks other than to pick a winner of course, which is where I hand you over to the very good hands and eye of Grace from Eats Amazing.

Grace choose the Healthy Date, Walnut & Seed Balls from Nutritious Deliciousness and this is what she had to say about them:

“They look like they’d be a really delicious treat and a brilliant energy booster for all the family. From a personal point of view I’ve recently given up refined sugar, and my husband can’t have dairy, so this recipe would be particularly perfect for us!”

So huge congrats to Nutritious Deliciousness, I’m so sorry I don’t know your name, but a lovely prize selected by Grace from the Eats Amazing site will be winging it’s way to you very soon.

Family Foodies in May’s being hosted over at Bangers and MashVanesther’s asking for your Cheap and Cheerful recipes which I’m very much looking forward to following.

So bye for now, thanks for taking part and I look forward to seeing you again in June!

Louisa x

8 thoughts on “April’s Family Foodies Round-Up & Winner Announcement!

  1. Johanna GGG

    love this – chocolate is great but moderation is indeed wise and healthy – I like your idea of offering an alternative – and I love these great ideas for something a bit healthier for some balance

  2. Choclette

    Healthy snacks these may be, but they all look delicious and I wouldn’t mind tucking into a few of them right now. Thanks for the write up. It was lovely to meet you Lou and I hope it can be managed again some time.



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