My Higgidy Pie #RecipeHunt entry: Chunky Chilli Fish Pie!

Prep Time:10 mins, Cook Time: 40 mins, Total Time: 50 mins

October 16, 2014

Eat Your Veg | Chunky Chilli Fish Pie

Few can deny that I both love a challenge and I love a good pie. So when the lovely folk at Higgidy asked if I wanted to take part in their Recipe Hunt to create a brand spanking new pie to be the next Special Guest Pie you can guess my response. One big ecstatic pietastic yes. But what to make, it wasn’t an easy decision I can tell you.

After much pie deliberation and consultation with anyone who would listen, I finally settled on a salmon based pie. Large chunks, hence the name ‘chunky’, of salmon mingled with finely chopped peppers, sun dried tomatoes and a mild chilli (easily omittable for the heat adverse), plus plenty of fresh coriander and lemon zest. Stirred together with double cream and topped with a generous layer of puff pastry. Not ordinarily one to mix my coriander or chilli with cream, being a little too fusion for my normal tastes, I can confirm it’s a combination that truly works. The chilli gives a deliciously gentle heat to the sauce and together with the coriander complements the robust salmon. I should probably ‘fess up it wasn’t my idea. But inspired by a recent special dinner I was lucky enough to eat, which I’ve now tweaked here and there and turned into delicious pie form!

And unlike traditional fish pies and their hefty time commitment of a white sauce and potato topping this is a cinch on your time. Just an assembly job really, especially if you use ready rolled puff pastry. Of course you could make your own rough puff, which I have many a time in the past using this recipe here.

I made a couple of pies with the mixture, one with chilli and one without for The Monsters. My kids love a pie about as much as I do, so were giddily excited to discover my baking endeavours when they came home from school last week. Frannie immediately asking of their contents, to which I suggested she take a closer look at my hand crafted tops and make a guess. “Dolphin Pie?” was her reply. Errr, no love. Just fish. We don’t normally eat dolphins. But I wasn’t going to admit to them being salmon. She always claims to not like it but in fish pie form hasn’t as yet ever turned it down, dolphin pie included. Jacques being about as big a fish fan as is possible of a four year old was equally as joyous, practically inhaling his plate empty. Result.

Thanks very much Higgidy for asking me to take part in your challenge and for all the fab goodies you sent to aid my pie creation, including the personalised rolling pin, pie dish and pie funnel. I’m an enormous fan of Higgidy Pies and Quiches, having munched my way through pretty much their entire range by now. I can happily confirm that each and every one’s a delicious homemade-style treat of loveliness packed full of top quality ingredients and cased in interesting and crisp hand-crafted pastry.

Do check out my previous Higgidy posts, My Higgidy Pie Party back in March, and the collection of summery pie or quiche side dishes I developed in conjunction with Sarah Raven: Chickpea, Cherry Tomato & Rocket Salad, New Potatoes with Lettuce Pesto Dressing and Bulgar Salad with Mustard Leaves, Walnuts & Cranberries.

Eat Your Veg | Chunky Chilli Fish Pie Recipe

The Good Stuff:

Salmon and/or any other fish/seafood you choose to add, Red Pepper, Tomatoes

Great For:

Toddlers, Pre-schoolers, Big Kids, Families, Pie Fanatics, Fish Fans, Lunch, Dinner, Weekend Slowies, Special Dinners, Sunday Lunch


* Delicious with just salmon but also good with a mixture of white fish, prawns, scallops, mussels or squid.
Omit the chilli for a heat free pie to serve to small children.

Special Equipment:

An ovenproof pie dish

My Higgidy Pie #RecipeHunt entry: Chunky Chilli Fish Pie!

Ingredients Prep Time:10 mins, Cook Time: 40 mins, Total Time: 50 mins

To serve a family of four:
400g salmon fillets, skinned and cut into large chunks*
1 red pepper, finely diced
1 mild red chilli, finely diced (go for a hottie if you like a little more heat!)
70g sun dried tomatoes, drained of oil and finely diced
20g fresh coriander, chopped
1 lemon, zested
salt and pepper
250ml double cream
1 pack ready rolled puff pastry
1 free range egg, beaten

1) Preheat your oven to 180ºc / 160ºc fan / gas mark 4.
2) Place your chunkily cut fish pieces, finely diced pepper and chilli if using, sun dried tomatoes, chopped coriander and lemon zest in your pie dish. Scatter over a pinch each of salt and pepper (no salt for babies or toddlers).
3) Pour over the cream and give everything a gentle stir around.
4) Hang the pastry over the pie dish and using a sharp knife cut to size around the edges. If you’re feeling a little artistic shape the off cuts to decorate the pie top, sticking them down with the beaten egg.
5) Generously brush the top with the beaten egg.
6) Bake in your preheated oven for 40 minutes until the pastry’s very puffed up and golden brown. Or about 30 minutes for smaller individual pies.

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  1. Glamorous Glutton

    Your Pietastic creation looks wonderful. I bet it’s really tasty and I’m not surprised the kiddos wolfed it down. Those are clearly fish on your pie top, not dolphins, much as I hate the idea of eating dolphins good to see a girl who’ll give things a try! 😉 GG



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