@ Eat Your Veg HQ we say YES! #September

September 10, 2014

Welcome to a brand new feature on the site, my monthly review post of what’s currently hot at Eat Your Veg HQ. Chief taste testers are Francesca (five, soon to be six), Jacques (four) and myself (too scary to disclose). This month we’re reviewing everything from veggie bangers to kids coconut drinks and reusable food pouches!.

Oatly CollageFirst up on my inaugural review, Oatly oat milk products, dairy free and made exclusively from the very finest Swedish oats and thus supremely high in nutritional value and fiber and utterly delish. Especially the addictivly downable Chocolate Oat Drink, which we all guzzled a little too eagerly and proved the perfect post-run nutritious refreshment for me. Blended with bananas, popped into lolly moulds and frozen it made for some uber-tasty choccie ‘nana ice pops for us all too. I’ve been very pleased to see Oatly products popping up in lots of major supermarkets lately so do look out for them.

Catch the lovely “Wow no Cow” guys from Oatly on Twitter @OatlyUK.

Moose Maple Butter Collage

Moose Maple Butter: fresh top quality butter blended with pure grade A maple syrup, need I say more? Believe me everyone needs a little moose in their lives, not overly sweet but perfectly hitting the mark. Delightful slathered on toast, pancakes and my recent discovery crumpets. Oh yeah baby!. I’ve met the moose lady Farrah (who’s incidentally gorgeous in every way possible!) a couple of times now and I sincerely wish her well in this year’s planned nationwide UK product launch. But for now Moose Maple Butter’s available at a couple of London outlets.

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Rebel Coconut Mylk Drinks Collage

Rebel Kitchen‘s coconut milk based uber-cool ‘Mylk’ drinks received a very firm thumbs up all round, make that inter-sibling warfare as to who was going to have the last Choco Mylk, though the Orange Choc and Banana flavours were also big hits. Lactose and dairy free, vegan and packed full of good stuff without any of the nasties I was delighted to give them to the monsters. And the adult Matcha Green Tea, Chai Mylk and Chocolate drinks were equally enjoyed my myself, a thoroughly refreshing drink and also a perfect post-workout guzzle. Buy Rebel drinks at Waitrose, Ocado, Wholefoods and several other stockists or on-line.

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Secret Sausages Collage

We were lucky enough to road test three varieties of veggie-tastic Secret Sausages,
Honey Bee, Cheese & Spring Onion and Chilli & Coriander, the Honey Bee being the clear fave amongst the littlies, myself preferring the Chilli ones. Secret Sausages have 90% less fat, 50% fewer calories and 35% less salt than your average meaty banger, and if you eat three you’ve eaten one of your 5 a day, yay!. All gluten free and freezable. Available at listed stockists.

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Cotwold Gold Collage

Regular readers of Eat Your Veg well know of my new love affair with rapeseed oil, it’s health credentials are fantastical (high in omega 3 and vitamin E, low in cholesterol and less than half the saturated fat of olive oil), it’s grown and produced in the UK, tastes nuttily delicious and happens to be a fab all-rounder in the kitchen not to mention cheaper than it’s rival olive oil. Do let me introduce you local-to-me and utterly delicious Cotswold Gold Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. And they don’t just produce their gloriously golden yellow oil, but a range of infused oils from chilli and smoked to basil and garlic. My kids happened to greedily taste test the lot at the recent Hereford Flavours festival, mini foodie Jacques loving in particular the chilli oil and Frannie the herby ones. They also produce a heavenly lemony mayo and a rather decedent Rapeseed and  White Truffle Oil, both of which I’m lucky enough to now own. Buy online or at these stockists.

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Nom Nom Kids Collage

Nom Nom Kids reusable food pouches are a must for any parent who makes their own baby purees, smoothies or puds. A convenient, mess-free and fun way to feed your little ones and can be used time and time again, easily fillable in the double zip lock side opening and they’re even dishwasher friendly. My kids at 4 and 5 still love them and they’ve been super-handy to fill with yogurt or a homemade compote and pack in their lunch boxes. Do check out my pouch-friendly Apple & Blackberry Yogurt Fool recipe and look out for a wee upcoming competition I’m running to win yourselves some pouches.

Say hi to Suzanne on Twitter @NomNomKidsGo

Well that’s it for September folks. If you’d like your family-friendly (healthy) products testing out at Eat Your Veg HQ then do drop me a line, I’m sure we’d be happy to oblige.

See you in October for our next round up!

Louisa, Frannie & Jacques xx

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  1. Choclette

    I would so love some of that maple butter Lou, I’ve seen it reviewed several times now. I’m not a great fan of soya milk, but when I was in a non-dairy phase I used to drink Oatly and I reckoned it was the best.



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