Family Foodies August & September Round Up: The Under 2s

October 21, 2014

Family Foodies The Under 2s Round Up

I really should start this post by way of an apology, I’m a little late in the posting but things have been pretty hectic at Eat Your Veg HQ. But here I am now. For our first time ever on Family Foodies we decided to invite you to share your recipes specifically aimed at The Under 2s. That sometimes tricky, occasionally finickity but always messy brigade of first time eaters.

Thanks so much to all of you that linked up your recipes, we had weaning purees, first finger nibbles, slurpy smoothies, meaty mains, fun sandwiches and tasty bakes and makes. And do read down to check out this month’s winner, who’ll receive vouchers to try out Marks and Spencer’s new Tiny Taste Buds range.

First up Sneaky Veg (I soooo LOVE the name of this blog) attempted to tempt her littlies to the wonders of courgettes with what looks to me like some simply delicious baked Courgette Polpette. A recipe I’ve firmly bookmarked to try out on my own monsters.


Utterly Scrummy linked up her very tasty looking Mini Picnic Bakes which I think you’ll agree look most tempting and a perfect finger food to those mini novice eaters. Choca full of so much good stuff too!

Picnic Morsels_1

Family Friends Food made some very cute Roly Poly Sandwiches along with a multitude of tasty filling suggestions. I can firmly vouch from experience that anything in rolled up wrap form is infinitely more exciting to these easily swayed little people. Which in turn means you can hide lots  more of the good stuff!


My Family Foodies co-host Vanesther from Bangers And Mash linked her recipe for wholesome, tomato flavoured and veggie packed Tasty Chicken Rice and a cute-as-pie pic of her daughter Jessie at one following a scrumptious Chicken & Rice session!.


I posted my own seasonal puree recipe for a four-ingredient Blackberry & Apple Yogurt Fool, a deliciously simple and healthy pud for all ages, not just the weaners.

Eat Your Veg | Blackberry and Apple Yogurt Fool

Croque Maman linked her ultimate baby/toddler comfort food recipe: Carrot Coconut Purée. I do love a ‘go to’ simple recipe like this, something that you just know will be relished by your little ones when they’re under the weather and in need of quick and tasty nourishment.


Finally Laura from How to Cook Good Food served up a seasonal Autumnal Breakfast Smoothie, dairy-free and packed full of so much good stuff besides the apples and blackberries I couldn’t think of a better start to the day for your little ones. Autumn-smoothie

After much deliberation over the entries I decided to choose Croque Maman as our winner this month, for her ultimate baby comfort food Carrot Coconut Purée. A delightfully simple and nutritious recipe, sure to delight all from those first time weaners as a puree to adults as a tasty veggie side dish. Thank you so much Hélène, I’ll be in touch about your Marks and Spencer’s vouchers!

Vanesther’s hosting October’s Family Foodies and there’s still a few days left to enter your recipes suitable for ‘Cooking with Kids’. There’s even a very special prize of a Lakeland Gingerbread House Cutter Set! 



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