Fressh @ Eat Your Veg

October 30, 2015

Fressh StallToday was my eighth Fressh @ Eat Your Veg stall, and high time I reported on how it’s all going. Fressh is my foray into ‘adult’ food, a more grown up, spiced up, saladed up Eat Your Veg if you like. I’m in Hereford High Town every Friday (poorly doggie/child permitting) and also the first Saturday of the month Farmers Markets.

And so far so good. Admittedly a lot of hard work, and I mean A LOT. From Wednesday night through to very late on Thursday my kitchen goes all industrial pumping out out various pies, tarts, salads, meatballs, cakes, muffins, pulled meats, soups, stews….. Whatever I’ve decided to feature on my seasonally and weekly changing menu. A usually extremely late night packing up of Herbie the Landrover followed by an early start on Friday to load up my enormous Igloo Box and it’s off to market for the fun bit of selling. It may be hard work, and I’m cream crackered beyond belief by Friday night, but I can honestly say I’m loving it. Love the menu planning, love the prep, love the market banter, love my already loyal and regular customers, love the feedback and positive comments I’m getting used to receiving. And in a sick kind of way l’m loving all the hard work that goes into project Fressh! A total feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. At last!.

IMG_7114As for today, it was a bit on an average to poor day. Town was really quiet despite it being half term; the morning’s wind and rain probably put many folks off coming into town. But nevertheless takings were still okay, and a few more lessons learnt on this very steep learning curve that I appear to be on! Namely don’t bother trying to serve the public cauliflower soup, no matter how tasty and spiced up it may be (and it was, the few people I convinced to try it all came back to tell me they’ve loved it). Spiced Cauliflower & Almond Soup is definitely off the menu. I’m going for a safer Roasted Tommie Soup next week.

Here’s a few pics of todays stall and offerings and more on Fressh very soon I promise…..

Today's Menu

Today’s Menu

Homity Pies & Mega Muffins

My best seller ‘Homity Pies’ lovingly made with one of my favourite cheeses, Hereford Hop (as supplied by local cheese shop The Mousetrap¬†and produced by Croome Cuisine), Herefordshire potatoes and onions from Growing Local,¬†homegrown chard from my garden and just a smidgen of cream. And with a part wholemeal poppy seed crust for a healthier Eat Your Veg twist. For a sweet offering I had my also popular ‘Mega Muffins’. About as healthy as a muffin can get, low in added sugar, half wholemeal and packed full of so much good stuff including carrot, apple, pecan nuts, coconut and sultanas. And with a seedy crumble topping to boot. Despite their healthy credentials they do actually taste good too! Recipe on the blog soon…..

Beef in Butty

Today’s meaty offering was a Herefordshire ‘Beef in Butty’ Hotbox, beef shin (from Powells) braised in Butty Bach (a local Wye Valley ale) with Button Mushrooms, my homegrown Shallots and Root Veggies from Growing Local. Served with hunks of no-less-than-fabulous Peter Cooks Bread, baked just a few short miles down the road from me in Bromyard. If you haven’t already tried his bread then you MUST.


Today’s Salads, using all Growing Local’s glorious Herefordshire grown veggies (well apart from the Cucumber!).


Tart of the Day was Roasted Peppers & Tomatoes with Ragstone Goats Cheese (from Neal’s Yard Creamery), Thyme & Olives.


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