The Birthday Horse Cake

September 24, 2013

Chocolate Horse Cake

My daughter Francesca’s horse crazy. I mean totally and utterly obsessed crazy. Horses truly are the only thing in her five year old world that rocks. So with her Big 5th Birthday approaching recently I felt a good deal of self-imposed pressure to come up with the necessary goods in the form of the requested Horse Cake. Ouch. I’ve put it off for several years, but this year we were having a special birthday party with all her cousins, many of which she hadn’t seen for way too long.

So after many a fretful (and sleepless!) night of research with Ms Pinterest and Mr Google I finally came up with what looked like a reasonably simple template for a horse cake. Considerably more straightforward than most, which with my lack of finess on the cake baking and icing front was a bit of a necessity.  Basically one square cake plus one round cake, a few precise cuts and joins and a slathering in a slick of choccie icing. Fab template, but I only followed the layout for the horse and used my own initiative for the actual cake and decorations. Actually I used a couple of foolproof Naughty Nigella recipes for the cakes and icing. And I really should point out that this is most definitely not a healthy cake by any stretch of the wishful imaginatio, but 5th Birthdays with all your cousins don’t happen too often around here. Nor do Horsey Cakes.

I’m not actually posting the recipes for you, as both were unwavered from their original Nigella form but you can find them listed below. After considerable choccie birthday cake experimentation over the last year I can honestly say that this combination of cake and icing recipe so works. A truly divine choccie cake. And one that appeals to littlies and oldies alike, which is a tricky balance to achieve.

We_Should_Cocoa_V3Not only has it been Francesca’s Big 5th Birthday but it’s also the 3rd birthday of We Should Cocoa this month, a most heavenly event hosted by Choclette of the Chocolate Log Blog. I’m ashamed to say I’ve not entered nearly enough times in the couple of years I’ve been blogging, but shall make a more concerted effort to do so in it’s 4th year! And as this month’s birthday theme is Chocolate Showstoppers I thought I’d enter my horse, though I fear it’s probably only showstopping if you happen to be five and really like horses!.


To Make A Horsey Cake you will need…….


This fab pattern from

Loads of Cakes: The cake recipe I used can be found here: Nigella’s Chocolate Fudge Cake. To make 2 x 20cm square cakes and 2 x 20cm round cake I timesed the recipes by 2.5 which allowed for particularly deep and substantial cakes.

A Slathering of Icing: The icing was Nigella’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake recipe. Double quantity was a generous amount to sandwich both cakes, stick the body parts together and slather the whole head in a generous slick of chocolate.

Decorations: 50cm of pink ribbon, orange or mint matchmakers for the mane, white chocolate buttons, minstrels, piped icing for the eyelashes, a small piece of white fondant icing for the eye.

Francesca's Birthday

8 thoughts on “The Birthday Horse Cake

  1. Eleni @ On Top Of Spaghetti

    I too am one of those girls whose dreams consisted of horses horses ponies and horses. When I was little I got very sick one time, with a terribly high temperature. Apparently I kept telling my mum to get the white horses off my legs! So even in my hallucinations it was all about horses! Since I don’t have a 5 year old horsey person to make this for, I might try it for my riding instructor in November! It seems appropriate 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

    PS Congrats on the new site! It’s looking great!!

    1. Louisa

      Thanks so much Eleni! My daughter’s only dreams are of horses, usually Black Beauty. Incidentally her favourite film, of course. Oh please do make it for your riding instructor in November, it’s a very easy template…and Nigella’s chocolate cake and icing recipes work wonderfully for it. Let me know if you do, and pictures!

  2. Andrea Mynard

    Blimey you’ve done an amazing job Louisa! I bet Francesca was so pleased. I’d better not let Ruby see this, she’ll come up with all sorts of ideas for next year’s cake that her inept Mum will struggle with!

    1. Louisa

      Oh I’m generally very inept at icing, but this really was ridiculously easy to assemble and make. A few simple cuts and everything plastered together with rather too much naughty icing. No one complained though!

  3. Choclette

    Oh gosh Louisa, this is fabulous. As someone who goes into a funk at the mere thought of creating a “novelty’ cake, I am lost in admiration for your efforts. The result is fantastic and I bet your daughter was over the moon and her cousins most envious. Thank you for sharing this splendid creation with We Should Cocoa.

    1. Louisa

      Thanks Choclette, I don’t normally go for novelty cakes either but caved in on this occasion! And I genuinely am looking forward to making lots more entries to We Should Cocoa! A fab challenge.



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