Introducing you to the Four Seasons Food Challenge!

June 1, 2013

It is with much excitement that I’m introducing you today to a brand new monthly Food Blogging Event that I’m utterly delighted to be co-hosting with my friend and (almost) neighbour Anneli of Delicieux:

The Four Seasons Food (FSF) Challenge


We’re both more than a tad passionate about seasonality and are inspired by the different dishes that each of the seasons brings so we’re launching our challenge out to you all to join in and have some fun! Each month we’ll be picking a particular theme of seasonal dish or way of eating or cooking.

And each season they’ll be three monthly challenges which we’ll announce to you at the start of each quarter. For the Summer this year they’ll be Picnic Food or Outdoor Nibbles for June, BBQ Dishes & Sides for July and Summer Puddings for August. All you need to do is cook and blog something that fits the theme, or even submit your past recipes. Each month we’ll get a guest judge to award someone a winner and they’ll receive an FSF Winner’s Badge to place on their blog. The badge¬†will link back to a winner’s gallery on both Delicieux and Chez Foti where the winning recipes will all be held for each year. And of course they’ll be a monthly round-up showcasing all your entries too.

41cSuoOcXgLAnneli is launching the first event which has the ironic theme this month of Picnic Food or Outdoor Nibbles. Ironic in respect of the dismal incessant rain we’ve been experiencing in these parts, the worst winter/spring/summer I can remember, be that in the UK or France!. But here’s hoping the launch of our challenge shall bring upon us a sea change in the weather, and lots of opportunities for outside dining. And for this inaugural month (and next month!) there’s a prize at stake for the winning recipe – a copy of The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit!

We hope you like the idea of our new challenge and want to join in. For more information on how it works please head over to my FSF page and for this month’s challenge of Picnic Food or Outdoor Nibbles to Delicieux.

Have fun, get cooking and get outside!

And just in case you’d forgotten what summer looks like, here’s a photo from our house last year…..

Louisa x

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0 thoughts on “Introducing you to the Four Seasons Food Challenge!

  1. thegardendeli

    That’s some view from your house – are those mountains in the far distance? Love the idea of the seasonal blog challenge – I’m thinking a nice warming bowl of soup might be appropriate picnic food at the moment!

    1. Chez Foti

      I’m with you on the soup, can’t quite get my head round dining outside just yet! Though the forecast for us is a good dealer better this week, fingers crossed. They are indeedie mountains in the distance, the snow capped Pyrenees – though with all the dreadful weather we’ve had we don’t get to see them much these days!

  2. Vanesther

    Whoop whoop! I love the sound of your new food challenge and my little old brain is already whirring away with ideas for picnic food for the first month! The sun is actually shining here today in Somerset so it is actually very appropriate… A great idea you two – thanks so much for launching it!

  3. andreamynardMynard

    Great idea, would like to join in. After a couple of days of sunshine I’ve forgotten about warming flasks of soup and am thinking of summery picnic food – ever the optimist! I’m sure we may be back to wrapping the picnic blankets around us before I write my entry. The view from your house is amazing by the way!



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