August 27, 2016

IMG_2143The weekend before last I was lucky enough to be given tickets to the family-friendly festival Lakefest, which was handily held this year at nearby Eastnor Castle. A mere 25 minutes from our home. And of course we were all delighted to go, the first ever festival for The Monsters, and first festival in nearly ten years for me. The intention had been to camp and soak up the full festival atmosphere, but due to last minute dog sitting woes we ended up staying at home (which in all honesty I was pretty glad of in the end!).

Unknown-2Our tickets were courtesy of Bassetts Vitamins and their #LifeWithMoreColour campaign. Bassetts Vitamins have developed a range of nutritionally balanced, deliciously chewy and liquid vitamins for the whole family, from babies to grandparents, to ensure families are ready and set to go, whatever the day brings.

IMG_2137We got to hang out on the Bassetts pop-up stand at the festival which Jacques and Frannie loved. Endless dressing up opportunities, fun colouring in and some truly awesome face IMG_2145painting and body art. And I got to chat to the stunningly gorgeous Rachel Stevens (of S Club 7 fame) about her work and family life (she has two little girls, 2 and 5). Rachel is the new face of the Bassetts Vitamins campaign and of course her girls take their daily vitamins. She also cooks for her children and even has a small veggie and herb garden, yay! I was particularly interested in her work with Water Aid too, as one of the primary school workshops I run with Growing Local and Concern Universal is a Comic Relief funded African Garden Workshop exploring problems of water shortage and growing in Africa.

The kids got to try out the yummy soft and chewy vitamins for the first time and gave them a very firm thumbs up. We took home goody bags of product which I’m pleased to say are now very much part of our family morning routine. Whilst we generally have a very balanced diet here at Eat Your Veg HQ easily munching through our 5-a-day there are times we occasionally slip, especially during the holidays (which thus far have been no less than crazily chaotic). So it’s good to know the children’s nutritional needs are now always covered. As readers well know sweets are very much a no go around here, so I was happy to discover Bassetts Vitamins contain only natural flavours and colours and no added sugar. Awesome. For more information visit www.bassettsvitamins.co.uk.

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As for the rest of our time at Lakefest, we truly had a blast. The sun shone, the music blared, the kids played, smiled and laughed and we relished our first ever family festival experience. I would have preferred a little more chilled time listening to the bands but The Monsters patience with unfamiliar music ran out all too quickly, eh well. I did however manage to enjoy The Cracked, Duke Special, Cast and Big Country. The circus skills and tight rope walking areas were more of a draw to The Monsters and Jacques got to see some awesome BMX action. And we all chowed down on some excellent festival fodder, though I couldn’t help but notice the lack of local food on offer. If Lakefest return to Eastnor next year I’d be truly tempted to run a Fressh stall selling my all Herefordshire healthier Tarts, Pies and Salads.

Thank you Lakelest and Bassetts Vitamins, we had a fab family weekend!

Louisa x

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