Oatmeal Mackerel Fillets with Rhubarb

Prep Time:5 mins, Cook Time: 15 mins, Total Time: 20 mins

July 29, 2014

Eat Your Veg | Oatmeal Mackerel Fillets with Rhubarb

I’ve been on my lonesome ownsome the last few days, The Monsters happily ensconced with their papa in London for a ten day spell. Admittedly it’s a bit strange, and needless to say quiet, having the house to myself but I’ve welcomed the ‘me’ time to recharge the batteries and catch up on various neglected projects and of course sleep!. There’s also been the opportunity to cook exactly what I want and when I want to eat it. There’s been a whole lot of fish, barbies and salads and many a glorious breakie in bed. Today I’ve a mackerel recipe to share with you, a dish I’ve been desperate to try for a long time now but knew it wouldn’t go down well with Francesca. Jacques on the other hand would have loved it being the fish fanatic that he appears to be. I’ve yet to find a fish or seafood he hasn’t devoured, and we can’t pass by a fish counter or shop anymore without some sort of purchase. He may be expensive that lad.

OATMEALFollowing on from my Oat & Spelt Soda Bread a few weeks ago I’ve another oaty recipe for you. This time keen to try out the Oatmeal the lovely folks at Mornflake gave me, I thought I’d use it coat some delicious fresh mackerel fillets I happened to come across. And served the fillets with a rhubarb and thyme compote on the side. And gosh it was rather delicious, the pinhead oatmeal providing a comforting nutty crunch and the rhubarb an edge of fruity punch to perfectly compliment the intense savouriness of the mackerel. I could have eaten rather a lot, well actually I did!. Incidentally it would go very well with the Oat & Spelt Soda Bread too.

In my soda bread post I ran a small giveaway for one lucky Eat Your Veg reader to win a Mornflake goody bag and as that competition closed yesterday I’m delighted to announce the Rafflecopter picked a winner for me, Leanne Lunn. Well done Leanne, myself and Mornflake will be in touch shortly!.

Eat Your Veg | Oatmeal Coated Mackerel with Rhubarb

The Good Stuff:

Oatmeal, Mackerel, Rhubarb, Rapeseed Oil

Great For:

Toddlers, Big Kids, Grown Ups, Family Meals, Starters, Appetisers, Mains

Special Equipment:

Nothing other than a saucepan and a frying pan!

Oatmeal Mackerel Fillets with Rhubarb

Ingredients Prep Time:5 mins, Cook Time: 15 mins, Total Time: 20 mins

To Feed a Family of Four:

For the Rhubarb:
200g rhubarb (about 2 sticks)
1 teaspoon thyme leaves
20g soft brown sugar (about 1 dessertspoon)
3 tablespoons water

For the Mackerel:
350g mackerel fillets
1 large egg, free range
salt and pepper
120g medium oatmeal
2 tablespoons rapeseed or sunflower oil

1) Slice the rhubarb into 4 to 5 cm strips, place in a saucepan with the thyme, sugar and water. Cover with the lid and leave to simmer for 8 – 10 minutes until very soft.
2) Meanwhile slice the mackerel fillets in half, lengthways down the middle.
3) Lightly beat the egg and season with a generous pinch each of salt and pepper, place in a largish bowl, place the oatmeal in another bowl
4) Dip each mackerel fillet first in the egg, then the oatmeal and set aside until you’re ready to cook.
5) Heat the oil in a large saucepan on a medium heat. Fry the mackerel fillets for 2 to 3 minutes on each side until a little golden.
6) Drain on kitchen paper and serve immediately with a little rhubarb on the side.

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