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May 21, 2015

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Welcome to the first of my new ‘news’ post folks, a brand new feature on Eat Your Veg and something I’ve been meaning to write for some time now. All year in fact. But needless to say it’s taken me until the third third of May to get finger to keyboard and crack on with it. Things certainly have been busy around here lately, crazily hectic probably, but that’s just the way I like it.

2015-05-05 16.24.59

Fishcake Prep!

First up I’m now running two National Lottery funded After-School hi_big_e_min_blueCook Clubs, one started a few weeks ago at Withington Primary and so far so great. Each week at our ‘Healthy Dinners Club’ the children prep on their own a healthy meal to take home for their family to enjoy. We’ve made Chicken & Veggie Chow Mein, Baked Fish Cakes & Sweet Potato Wedges and Meatballs with a Hidden Veggie Tommie Sauce. My other ‘Healthy Snacks’ club at Sutton Primary is due to kick off after the holidays where we’ll be prepping better for you homemade snacks, comparing them to a less healthy commercial options and talking a good deal about sugar.Eat Your Veg | Meatballs with Tomato Sauce

Best coloured logoI’m very pleased to announce I’ve now officially joined the lovely team of ladies at Hereford based Growing Local is Going Local, a community interest company delivering locally grown fruit and veggie bags to homes in and around Hereford City. I’m working on their sales side, i.e. getting veggie-interested folks like YOU to buy their bags!. They really are superb quality, variety and value and what’s more profits go towards funding their educational work with local schools at the Growing Local ‘Community Garden’ and ‘African Garden’. If you’re local do follow Growing Local on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Growing Local Collage

Fressh_Logo_07Now for my own new and very exciting venture, my foray into street food with Fressh @ Eat Your Veg. Yes really, I’m going for it!  Hearty and wholesome food from Herefordshire it will be, seasonal naturally and hopefully tasty too. Think of it as a more ‘grown up’ version of Eat Your Veg…..pulled meat flatbread wraps, Ottolenghi stylie salads, seasonal tarts, pies and pasties (I’ve been working on a local mini ‘Hereford Homity Pie’ and a ‘Hereford Pasty’), healthier cakes and local yogurt and compote tubs. All with a heavy emphasis on veggies (Growing Local veggies of course!) and fruit. In the winter they’ll be soups, flavour-smacking stews and veggie mashes. Using all Herefordshire produce and promoting the abundance of goodies that this largely unknown to the rest of England county has to boast. I’m hoping to be out there serving every Thursday at Hereford Market from early June. Do watch out for more news!


I really must mention my back garden organic veggie growing exploits.  Thanks to a Mr D in my life I now have three no less than fabulous, sexy even, raised beds to grow my veggies in, phwoooar.  Between the beds and a multitude of pots I’m (attempting) growing various salad leaves and rocket, shallots, kale, carrots, parsnips, radish, tomatoes, chillies, courgettes, PSB, calabrese, sprouts, chard, sweetcorn, peas, green beans, pumpkins and butternut squash. Oh and cucumber for gin.   Not forgetting the herbage of course, oregano, coriander, parsley, thyme, mint, rosemary for now. I’m probably being way over-adventurous for the somewhat limited amount of space but I’m not one for restraint!. Many of you will remember I was pretty much veggie self-sufficient back in France, though I did have the virtue of a hot Southern French sun and an enormous virtually predator free plot. One day again for sure!.Veg Growing May

rangemaster_logo232x312-CookbookAll this coupled with two monsters to look after and a house to somehow keep in order (poorly admittedly) it’s probably needless to say my blog has been just a little bit neglected of late. Though I’m hoping to be back with a vengeance posting all my after school club and Fressh recipes and news of the new stall.  I was however delighted to see two of my recipes recently featured in the AGA Rangemaster online cookbook, my Lighter Good ‘Ol Lancashire Hotpot and Fruity Bread and NO Butter Pud. Do check out the fab book, packed full of tasty and inspiring healthier recipes, including a healthy take on a Mars Bar!.

See you next month folks, hopefully with a little less news to tell you! Oh and before I go here’s a pic of my new back garden bar. Yep a BAR, our very own bar, another Mr D extravaganza of course. Was supposed to be an outside kitchen but as yet I see no evidence of a cooking facility. Not that I’m complaining…..

L xx

The Bar

The Bar


5 thoughts on “Eat Your Veg HQ #News #May

  1. Anneli Faiers

    Wow Lou, you are so busy 🙂 I am super impressed. Your new food venture sounds wonderful, I would certainly come and buy from you if I could. Sounds like you are doing well. Sorry the kids have been ill. Hugs to you xx

    1. Louisa Foti Post author

      Ahr thanks Anneli, my life and work certainly does feel like it’s all finally come together in these last months, thankfully. Luckily we’ve finally banished illness from the house! xx

  2. ManjiriK

    Oh Louisa that bar and your garden look smashing to say the least! Am so happy for you and Mr.D!! Congratulations on the launch of Fressh it will be a super success am sure and hopefully the next generation of kids that you help equip and educate will be make smarter food choices



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