Barbie-tastic Dinner on a Stick!

Prep Time:15 mins, Cook Time: 10 mins, Total Time: 25 mins

July 23, 2014

Eat Your Veg | Barbecue Dinner on SticksWith all this fabulously hot weather we’re enjoying it seemed most fitting that I post a barbie recipe or two. My first full summer back in the UK in four years and I really cannot believe our luck. We’ve certainly eaten outside more than we have inside over the last few weeks and mostly off the barbie. Amazeballs. Happily reminiscent of our last few summers in the South of France in fact.  Only without the sun being so hot that you have to take shelter and eat inside anyway!.


Jac’s Happy Barbie Dance!

I love the simplicity of this kebab recipe, it really is an entire and complete dinner on a stick. Bangers, spuds and three veggies. Sweetcorn, peppers and courgettes on these, but feel free to use whatever you fancy. Lightly basted in a honey, mustard and olive oil marinade for a little added flavour appeal. Made in minutes and barbied in a few more this is a super-cinch of a tasty summer recipe. And certainly something to please the little folk. I used to think barbecues were all a bit of a faff but the more we have the more simple they seem to get, and the food really doesn’t have to be complicated.

2014-07-14 10.37.54Food on sticks never ceases to delight The Monsters, nor most peeps for that matter. Well I say that but Frannie scoffed down a couple of the kebabs, notably leaving the sweetcorn owing to the presence of a couple of precariously wobbly front teeth, then asked me in all earnest if we could have a ‘proper’ barbie next time. Apparently that’s burgers and hotdogs, buns and ketchup. And excludes veggies, kebabs or sticks. Nor Jacques and my barbie favourite, fresh fish. Hmmmm, I’m not very good at ‘proper’ barbies!.

I used the first of my homegrown courgettes in these kebabs. I’ve been back on the growing my own this year, albeit in a substantially reduced and simplistic form compared to the Chez Foti days. Namely lots of low maintenance patio pots, for the kids as much as anything. We’ve Pumpkins (five enormous plants!), Green Beans, Chard, Peas, Tomatoes, Sweetcorn, Courgettes of course plus lots of Lettuce and Salad Leaves and a plentiful supply of Herbs (Basil, Sage, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley). Happy days again.

Dinner on a Stick Challenge Logos

I’m entering my barbie sticks to a few bloggie challenges:

1) Firstly to the Four Seasons Food challenge which I co-host with Anneli. This month it’s my turn and we’ve gone all ‘Al Fresco’.

2) To Ren Behan’s Simple and in Season as all my veggies were very much in season! This month Sally over at My Custard Pie’s guest hosting, while Ren takes a breather to enjoy brand new baby Matthew.

3) To Michelle and Helen’s Extra Veg event as these are a great way of sneaking in an extra portion or two of good stuff. This month Juggle Mum’s doing the hosting.

Eat Your Veg | Barbecue Dinner on a Stick

The Good Stuff:

Courgettes, Peppers and Sweetcorn or any other veggie you care to add!

Great For:

Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers, Big Kids, Barbecues, Summer, Family Dinners


Vary your veggies! Use veggie sausages for vegetarian sticks
Makes 8 kebab sticks

Special Equipment:

A barbecue, 8 metal or bamboo barbecue skewers (soak in cold water for 20 mins if using bamboo)

Barbie-tastic Dinner on a Stick!

Ingredients Prep Time:15 mins, Cook Time: 10 mins, Total Time: 25 mins

Enough for a Family of Four, 8 kebab sticks:
400g smallish new potatoes, skins on, scrubbed
2 whole corn on the cob
1 pack 6 – 8 good quality sausages, veggie ones if you prefer
1 red, yellow or orange pepper, cut into large bitesize chunks
1 courgette, sliced 5mm slices
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 dessertspoon honey
1 dessertspoon wholegrain mustard
salt & pepper

1) Cook the potatoes in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes until tender (size depending), add the corn on the cob 4 minutes before the end. Drain and allow to cool for a few moments.
2) Slice the sausages into 3 pieces, the pepper into large bite size chunks and the courgette into 5mm slices. Once cool enough to handle cut the sweetcorn cobs into 4 pieces and throw everything together with the potatoes in a large bowl.
3) Mix together the olive oil, honey, mustard and a pinch each of salt and pepper. Pour over the veggies and sausages and stir around until well combined. Store in the fridge like this until you’re ready to skewer up if you like.
4) When you’re ready to barbecue thread the veggies and sausage pieces onto your pre-soaked bamboo sticks or metal skewers, alternating between each component.
5) Cook the kebabs on a hot barbecue (or under a hot grill if the weather fails you!) for about 10 minutes, turning frequently so they’re evenly cooked on all sides.

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13 thoughts on “Barbie-tastic Dinner on a Stick!

  1. Glamorous Glutton

    Great recipe, full of freshness and goodness. I love ‘proper’ BBQs but it’s so easy to ver do it. Quantity wise! These look perfect. Beautiful looking garden and very happy children, there’ll be lots of happy summer memories. GG

  2. Janice

    I LOVE those sausage kebabs, but your story of the ‘proper barbeque’ reminds me of what we used to say to my Mum when she was experimenting with her cooking “It was very nice, but don’t make it again” lol!



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