‘Wow No Cow’ with Oatly

October 26, 2014

UK_OatDrinkOatly oat drinks seem to be taking the UK by storm, suddenly this fabulously scrummy and supremely healthy Swedish brand of oat drinks are everywhere! And good on them for being so out there. We’re totally hooked on Oatly Chocolate Oat Milk at Eat Your Veg HQ. Myself and the kids just can’t get enough of it as mentioned in my recent post. And their Oat Cream is LUSH in coffee. The drinks and oat ‘milks’ are naturally dairy free, high in fiber and only made from the very finest of Swedish oats.

And if all this isn’t cool enough then you really MUST check out Oatly’s mulit-talented and uber-cool CEO Toni Peterrson in action.  A few days ago he released a quirky song “Wow No Cow” on Oatly’s You Tube channel. Toni sings a song he wrote entirely himself to explain exactly what Oatly’s all about, even filmed in the organic oat fields of Southern Sweden where Oatly has it’s offices. It’s certainly a one of a kind performance, I ? Toni.

Go on watch it, you might even sing along. But you’ll definitely smile. Go Toni!

6 thoughts on “‘Wow No Cow’ with Oatly

  1. Choclette

    Er, music aside, Oatly is (or was) my favourite milk alternative. We used to drink it a decade or so ago when we were going through whatever our latest fad was – presumably a dairy free one.



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