November’s Family Foodies goes Veggie!

November 5, 2014

Family Foodies November 2014

Can you believe it’s November already, in fact five whole days into the month and Bonfire night even. And the weather’s finally taken it’s wintery turn, gosh it’s suddenly chilly out there isn’t it. But we can’t really complain in the UK can we, after a lovely long summer and one of the mildest Autumns on record.

This month on Family Foodies we’ve decided on a veggie theme for our first time, a theme very much at the core of Eat Your Veg. Whilst we’re not exclusively vegetarian here I’d say my little lot don’t eat meat for at least four days out of seven, sometimes more. Interestingly The Monsters don’t really like roasts or cuts of meat other than chicken, I think it’s a texture thing, so veggie’s always a good option for them, or their beloved fish. Having been a vegetarian myself for over ten years of my earlier life I’ve always had a big appreciation for all things meat free and it’s certainly an ethos I’ve often considered going back to. And so much better for your general health and that of our planet. But I like to think we do our little bit now by eating meat only a handful of times in a week. How often do you eat meat?

UnknownPlease do share your veggie recipes, be they a vegetarian breakfast, lunch or dinner, a savoury bake or make, a pie, tart or quiche, a pasta sauce or even an appetiser or nibble. Absolutely anything meatfree goes this month!  We even have a prize of the River Cottage ‘Veg Every Day’ for our winning recipe, a book I actually own, cherish and regular peruse for interesting ‘veg-tastic’ recipes.

The closing date for entries is 29th November 2014, see you at the end of the month folks for my round up and winner announcement,

Louisa x


Here’s a few guidelines for the Challenge:

? You may submit any recipe that fits the current theme, past or current, up to a maximum of three entries per month. You’re also welcome to submit the post to other challenges too. If the recipe is not your own please give the appropriate credit.

? Post your recipe url to the Linky at the bottom of each month’s challenge, including your email address and the title of the recipe.

? Display the Family Foodies badge on the recipe post, with a link back to Eat Your Veg and Bangers & Mash, and details of the current monthly challenge you’re entering.

? If you’re on Twitter then please tweet your post to myself @Eat_Your_Veg and Vanesther @BangerMashChat and include the hashtag #FamilyFoodies. We’ll retweet all that we see.

? You may enter from anywhere in the blogosphere of the World, any prizes will be happily posted out unless otherwise stated.

? At the end of the month a winning recipe will be chosen and any prizes sent out. The winner will be announced in a monthly round-up of all the entries. Winners will get to display a Family Foodie Winner annotated badge on their blog if they wish and their recipe will go through to the Family Foodies Hall of Fame on each of our sites.

? All entries will be added to the Family Foodies Pinterest Group Board

9 thoughts on “November’s Family Foodies goes Veggie!

  1. Helen

    Ooh, fabulous! I don’t eat meat at all so it rarely gets cooked in our house 🙂
    Shame I have to limit myself to just three entries….
    H x.

  2. Janie

    We probably eat meat 5 out of 7 days of the week, but I think that’s because we rear our own animals. If we had to buy it at butchers prices we’d probably eat it a lot less!
    Janie x



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