Luchito Honey Glazed Ham

Prep Time:10 mins, Cook Time: 2 hours, Total Time: 2 hrs 10 mins plus overnight soaking

November 26, 2013


The instance I tried Gran Luchito smoked chilli products at this year’s Food Blogger Connect I was in love. Swooning indeed. And so it seemed were most of the other delegates. Funnily enough I’m not even a chilli head ordinarily, but the intensely delicious smoky flavour blew me away. In a very good way. So naturally I was more than a tad delighted when the kind folk at Luchito told me I’d won a gift set on FB. No review requested just a freebie box to indulge in to my hearts content. And that I did.

Gran Luchito Product Range

But I feel I owe it to such a wonderful product and company to jot down a few of my thoughts and ideas. Firstly the Mayo, flavoured with Luchito Chilli Paste of course, is no less than sublime. Admittedly I’m a monster mayo fan but this is something really special. Particularly in a cheese butty, on a cracker with cheese, with chips or even leftover cold roasties. Not the most gourmet of suggestions but I’m being truthful! It was the first to go. A long time ago.

The Luchito Chilli Paste itself is unique. Deeply smoky, hot but not mind blowingly, a little sweet and deliciously intense and addictive. It’s a flavour that must be sampled to ‘get’. It’s also great to spark up a sandwich or with crackers and cheese but it’s at it’s best stirred (sparingly) into a dish to enhance the flavour. Particularly anything with beans. I’ve stirred a little in to a pan of hot cannellini beans along with plenty of fresh rosemary and a dash each of balsamic and rapeseed oil and the results were delish. Perfect on toast or crostini or squished into a dip. To be truthful I don’t cook much with chilli these days, being on my own with two small children I tend to cook and eat with them and rarely make anything with oomf just for me. But maybe I should!.

Luchito Honey Pumpkin SeedsThe Luchito Honey, again flavoured with the paste, is glorious. Incredible with goats cheese (yep, cheese is my weakness) and even spread on toast for a breakfast kick. I’ve roasted a little with pumpkin seeds to great results. The kids have loved this wee healthy nibble too, complete with a sweet chilli kick. And a great late night nibble for me with a large glass of red.

On Sunday I glazed a ham in Luchito Honey, an idea I stole from the Luchito site, with terrifically tasty results. Like the pumpkin seeds, baking the chilli honey reduces it’s heat making it more acceptable to little people. My kids went a little wild for the ham in fact. And I’m reckoning this would be a perfect christmas centerpiece, and more novel than a more traditional glaze. The ham was initially boiled in apple juice for added sweetness then briefly roasted with a slather of the smoked chilli honey as a glaze. My recipes’s below.

Whilst I’m on the subject of christmas the Gran Luchito Gift Set would make a fabulous present for any chilli heads or keen cooks in your life. Available on Amazon, plus a significant number of retailers.


Incidentally the chillies are from Mexico of course! From Oaxaca, the foodie capital of Mexico no less, they’re “Pasilla Oaxaca Chillies” to be exact. Each time I see Oaxaca mentioned I suffer a small moment of self-annoyance. I went to Mexico ten years ago and I have to confess (holding head in shame) to not actually visiting Oaxaca. And it wasn’t a flying visit either, nigh on six weeks. Mexico was my first country on a big trip through Latin America that was supposed to last six months. I came home in fact fifteen months later from Buenos Aires having just got off a boat from Antartica. So you see I had the time to visit Oaxaca, but in truth the early days were all a bit rushed compared to how things panned out later on in the trip. But it’s always good to have somewhere to go back to and I promise you Oaxaca and your glorious chillies and moles I will be there. One day.

Eat-Your-Veg-_-Luchito-Honey-Glazed-Ham-and-Homemade-Bread-Rolls I’m entering my post to Vanesther’s brand new and very exciting challenge, The Spice Trail, over at Bangers & Mash, which this month has the theme of Chilli. Yay. And also to our jointly hosted Family Foodies challenge, hosted this month by Vanesther (she’s one busy lady!) and she’s asking for your Lunchbox Ideas. Baked ham may sound a dubious entry but Jacques’ been delighted to have a few slices in his sandwiches every day this week so far (and it’s a good deal tastier and more economical than bought ham). In Homemade Hedgehog or Tortoise Rolls no less (another blog coming shortly!). And Frannie would too were it not for her being back on school lunches.



The Good Stuff:

No veggies this time folks, but undoubtedly this is better than commercially doctored hams

Great For:

Big Kids, Grown Ups, Sandwiches, Lunchboxes, Picnics, Christmas, Family Gatherings, Weekend Lunches, Ham Fans, Chilli Lovers


Recipe based on a 1.2 kg gammon joint which served my little lot perfectly. But for ham fanatics, christmas or bigger families use a bigger joint and boil for 50 minutes per kilo. And increase the amount of chilli honey accordingly.
Substitute Luchito Honey for ordinary honey and a generous pinch of dried chilli flakes.

Special Equipment:

A small roasting pan

Luchito Honey Glazed Ham

Ingredients Prep Time:10 mins, Cook Time: 2 hours, Total Time: 2 hrs 10 mins plus overnight soaking

1 x 1.2kg gammon joint
750ml apple juice
10 peppercorns
2 bay leaves
1 heaped tablespoon Gran Luchito Honey, or more if you fancy a bigger chilli kick!

1) Soak the ham overnight in a bowl of water to soak out some of the salt, discard the water
2) Place the ham fairly snuggly in a suitably sized lidded saucepan, pour over the apple juice and enough water to just cover the ham. Throw in the peppercorns and bay leaves.
3) Bring to a simmer, add the lid and allow to bubble away gently for 1 hour
4) After an hour take off the lid and allow to cool for 30 to 40 minutes in the cooking liquid.
5) Preheat your oven to 200ºc/180ºc fan/Gas 6.
6) Remove the ham from the liquid and place on a small roasting dish. Retain the liquid as it makes a gorgeous sweet stock for soups.
7) Using a sharp knife remove the skin and some of the fat. Score the remaining fat layer in a criss cross pattern. Rub the honey all over, particularly concentrating on the fat areas.
8) Bake for 25 minutes until the fat’s lightly browned and caramelised.

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6 thoughts on “Luchito Honey Glazed Ham

  1. Anneli Faiers

    That ham looks utterly GORGEOUS!!! What a lovely colour and delicious sounding sweet kick of a glaze. We don’t really get cuts of ham like that out here…or do we? If you know what to ask for , let me know! Like you say, this would be wonderful on a Christmas buffet spread. And lovely cut up cold too no doubt. x

  2. Vanesther - Bangers & Mash

    This ham looks absolutely stunning. Would be great for Christmas too. We had a pot of Luchito chilli honey in our last Kitchen Nomad box and thought it was delicious. We used it to make a plum and apple crumble, which was so good. Great entry for both The Spice Trail and Family Foodies – thanks Lou. 🙂



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