Parmesan & Smoked Paprika Popcorn

Prep Time:5 mins, Cook Time: 5 mins, Total Time: 10 mins

December 11, 2013

Eat Your Veg | Homemade Parmesan & Paprika Popcorn

Have you ever made your own popcorn? Or ‘hopcorn’ as Jacques calls it. I don’t mean the pre-packed sort you bung in the microwave (which there’ve been a number of possible health scares about lately) but the plain kernels you pop yourself in a saucepan on the hob. Not only is it crazily quick, easy and cheap to do you can add your own flavourings to suit personal tastes. It’s also a fun thing to do with kids, they love watching and listening to all the popping action (though obviously should be positioned well back from the pan and all potential dangers!).

Eat Your Veg | Homemade Parmesan & Sweet Smoked Paprika Popcorn

As for a topping, the kids and I all favour this Parmesan and Sweet Smoked Paprika combo. Slightly cheesy in a grown up kind of way but not overly so. Seriously addictive in my book.  Other savory flavours that rock are Gran Luchito Chili Honey or Pesto and Olive Oil. Or just plain and simple salt and black pepper. And I’m sure it’s pretty simple to knock up a lovely sweet flavouring too, but I haven’t been there yet.

Incidentally popcorn itself is a pretty healthy snack, and the kernels full of antioxidants. But often the commercially produced flavoured popcorns are loaded with sugar, salt and fat, and thus canceling out all possible health benefits. It’s really one of those snacks best made at home when you can see precisely what’s going in there. Even better eat it plain and it’s an incredibly healthy nutritious snack.

I’m entering my post to a few challenges. Firstly to Family Foodies which I host with Vanesther of Bangers and Mash, and it’s all about Kids Christmas this month and is hosted by myself here at Eat Your Veg. Not exactly the most christmassy of foods but I shall no doubt be making my flavoured ‘hopcorn’ a few times for my little lot over the festive period. Also to Four Seasons Food which I co-host with Anneil over at Delicieux, she’s hosting this month and the theme’s Christmas Parties. Don’t panic Anneli, I’m planning on entering a few sophisticated nibbles too! Also for my first ever time to Let’s Cook, a challenge held by Nayna over at Simply Foodthis month the theme’s Party Food too. And lastly to Cheese Please, a challenge by the lovely Fromage Homage and one I’ve soooo been meaning to enter for months and have soooo failed to deliver. But here I am now with my cheesy nibble, and apologies for not making it sooner.

Challenge-Logos-PopcornJanuary 2014: Entering to Vanesther’s Spice Trail, which this month features glorious Paprika!.



The Good Stuff:


Great For:

Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers, Grown Ups, After-School Snacks, Movie Watching, Parties, Birthday Parties, Nibbles with Drinks, Christmas


If making with kids please do ensure they’re standing well back from the popping action or it could be very dangerous.

Special Equipment:

A saucepan with a tight fitting lid (glass lids are perfect for kids to watch through)

Parmesan & Smoked Paprika Popcorn

Ingredients Prep Time:5 mins, Cook Time: 5 mins, Total Time: 10 mins

2 tablespoons rapeseed or olive oil
50g popcorn kernels
1 tablespoon finely grated Parmesan or Grana Padano
1 teaspoon La Chinata sweet smoked paprika (or hot smoked if you like a little heat)

1) Heat a tablespoon of the oil on a medium heat in a large lidded saucepan with just 4 of the kernels
2) Once the 4 kernels have popped, remove the pan from the heat for 30 seconds
3) After 30 seconds tip the rest of the kernels in the pan, place on the lid and put the pan back on the heat
4) Meanwhile wam the remaining tablespoon of oil in the microwave, a quick blast of 30 seconds is perfect. Stir through the smoked paprika and cheese
5) Listen out for the popping corn, once it ceases popping regularly remove from the heat and immediately tip out into a large bowl
6) Pour over the oil and combine well with the popcorn so it’s evenly coated, this is best done with your hands though’s obviously a messy business!

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12 thoughts on “Parmesan & Smoked Paprika Popcorn

  1. Fromage Homage

    Apart from loving cheese (obviously) I am also quite obsessed with smoked paprika, having discovered it a few months ago…So these sound absolutely delicious. A perfect festive cheesy nibble! Thanks for sharing it with this month’s Cheese, Please! Challenge.

  2. Vanesther - Bangers & Mash

    We love making our popcorn and we recently made huge bowls of it when my daughter had a friend over for a sleepover. We all scoffed it while watching Strictly and Doctor Who! Never tried it with Parmesan though – what a fab idea. Definitely going to try next time we’re popping!

    1. Louisa

      My kids have only recently discovered the delights of popcorn, or hopcorn. And it’s a real treat, usually while watching a movie which they’ve also only just got into.

  3. Sarah

    There’s a packet of popcorn sat in the cupboard here, just waiting for a its chance to pop… I know what flavouring it will be getting now too! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Anneli Faiers

    I love home made savoury popcorn. When I was a kid, my Mum never let me have sweets, she would make me popcorn with salt on…bad I know but I think it is responsible for my savoury tooth 🙂 Fond childhood memories. I would eat a big bowl of yours! Another top entry for FSF xx

    1. Louisa

      My problem is I have a sweet AND a savoury tooth, but when it comes to popcorn it has to be salted or savoury. Probably why I’m into cheesy popcorn!



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